Rescue for Adoption

During kitten season and beyond there are so many kittens that are out on their own, starving, trying to survive and also do our own humane and low-trauma trapping.  We move them to our team of amazing fosters to care for them until we can find them their forever homes through adoption.  All are typically less than 4 months old, or even younger, bottle babies.


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T N R: Trap, Neuter and Release

For older cats, toms, mommas, and the like, that cannot be socialized and are feral, we will go out and trap them, transport them to a trusted neutering organization The Simi Valley Spay and Neuter clinic, and then bring them back typically in the same day to release them back to their outside home whenever possible.  This is to reduce cat colonies and kittens being born with no safe homes.  We only trap the mommas after ALL kittens have been collected, since in some instances the momma cats are the only ones keeping the kittens alive in the wild

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Low cost Fixing and Health Services Referrals

We work with several non-profit fixing organizations, veternarians, and groups that can provide services for certain areas and situations at a lower cost then your local vets.  Contact us for more information

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Since 2019

Doing something

Sometimes the world is just overwhelming.  We've chosen to do something where and when we can within our abilities to make a difference in one small area, un-homed, wild and starving kittens.  For people who love cats, doing just a little bit, or more sometimes makes the entire difference to a small defenseless animal that is brought into the world fighting to survive through no fault of its own.

From kittens so young that they need bottle feeding, because their momma cats are they themselves fighting to survive, to older kittens that have been abandoned, by their mothers or previous owners, we've chosen to step in and try to help.

We can't help all of them, but at least we can make a difference to some small few who go on to live happy safe lives hopefully in their forever homes with loving families and owners.

We don't do this for profit or personal gain, but to feel that we've at least, in this part of the sometimes chaotic and hard to understand cycle of life, made a difference to those wild, lost, abandoned kittens and the loving families that end up adopting them.




What you can do

  • Tell us when you know about at risk kittens,  where they are, so we can trap them, get them to our amazing fosters, stabilize them, and adopt them out when they're healthy and ready
  • Tell us about unfixed cats in your area, we can trap, neuter and release them.  One unfixed female cat can have up to 100 kittens in one year!
  • Contact us if you're unsure about where to get your own cat fixed or vaccinated.  Fixed and vaccinated cats lead longer happier lives, and are much better pets (no spraying or going into heat to contend with). We can refer you to affordable options in your area.
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