A Fine Caturday in the Catzone

It's Saturday, the weather has turned nice, sunny and blue skies, and the kittens are all enjoying some time outside in the catzone (steel 4 ft fencing lower, 400lb tensile strength poly netting all the way up and over steel aerial cables in the middle section of Acton Up Kitten Rescue proper)

The industrial kitten sunning platform I built has been holding up great to the snow, rain, wind and sun (Steel architectural piping, weather treated 2x4's did the trick)


The kittens are all healthy and happy and getting their exercise, it's a good Caturday after a tough few months.  During my day job (I need a card that says "Working like a Dog for the Kittens") I look forward to calm relaxing times like this to take a breath and recharge before taking on litter boxes, water, feeding, and all the other things we do for the kitties we take in here at Acton Up Kitten Rescue.

Well, calm, maybe an overstatement, here's a video of the kittens in the catzone, some just lounge but for others it's PLAYTIME. 😉

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