Our Approach

Beautiful Acton

We moved to Acton in 2017, into a nice home with a good piece of land and great neighbors.  We were looking for a place for us and our animals.  Acton fit the bill, and in the year after moving we had built our outdoor secured (4ft steel mesh, 400lb deer mesh secured with steel aviation cabling, sides and top) cat zone with cat condos, play platforms and room for the animals to be inside or outside without worrying about the local predators, of which Acton has many (coyotes, bobcats, huge owls and more).

We realized that we had space and the wherewithal to handle more kittens that needed rescuing than our previous house in the San Fernando Valley, and so it began, the Acton Up Kitten Rescue.

The Acton and Agua Dulce areas are actually full of animal friendly folks (our neighbors do Husky rescue for example) so it was a natural fit for us.

Our Story

We're a registered 501c3 non-profit: EIN 84-2669-332 so all eligible donations are tax-deductable.