Acton Up Kitten Rescue Safe at Home Version

So, kitten season waits for no one or thing, pandemics, lock-downs, safe at home orders, none of it.  We here at Acton Up Kitten Rescue are staying at home with the kitties, and we’re all doing fine.  We’ve had a huge influx of tiny bottle babies from all sorts of situations, that we have safe with us now as well.  Thanks to all those rescuers who have saved those kitties from harms way and brought them to us.

Cynthia has been getting little to no sleep feeding them all every few hours, but they are doing well, hungry, demanding, and cute as can be.

Thanks to the fosters who have stepped up to help share the load, and taken some of these littles ones into their care to feed and cherish until they are old enough to be fixed and adopted into their forever homes.

I’ve been (as Cynthia says) “working like a dog for the kitties” since I luckily am in the position to remote work for my day job, but on the weekends I’ve been cleaning and improving the cat zone now that the weather has improved.  ALL the free range older kitties (>4mon) complain at me every morning to be let out of their triple-high apartments to get outside into the sun and fun of the catzone.

Recently, I  put up another sun shade so they had more lounging room, and replaced our puppy destroyed chairs with more comfortable seating (well for people but they use it mostly now) from an auction online.  Orrill’s Auction house, they are fantastic  people and you can find some amazing things there always.

They seem to be enjoying it.

Here are some kitties pics, stay safe everyone, we’re doing adoptions by appointment only in a safe way as possible for those fixed/vaccinated and ready for their forever homes as we can.  Thanks to everyone who has donated their time, kitty food, carriers, blankets and more to help us make a difference for all these kittens in these especially challenging times.

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