Almost a year later since Covid lockdown, 900+ rescued and adopted and We’re TIRED ;-)

It’s been almost a year now since the pandemic shutdown Los Angeles County, and all the shelters in our area stopped taking kittens and cats as rescues except for euthanasia.

We ramped up our efforts, expanded our food, litter, and medical supplies in response, and just dug in to keep helping wherever we could. Our whole house was turned over to kittens to accommodate the huge increase in rescues during these hard times.

The website was the last priority (you can tell from the last post being in the middle of last year). So many kittens started coming our way since rescuers and kind-hearted souls realized that the shelters were no longer taking animals, and that we were one of the few still taking sick, abandoned and defenseless kittens and cats in during these trying times.

We were able to take in over 900 kittens and cats thanks to the wonderful people finding them and bringing them to us, with a matching number of adoptions out.

So many challenges and minor victories, too many to go into here. We’ve always found it hard to take pictures of the hardest sickest kitties and show them getting better since we’re so focused on just getting them better. And we had no time for anything else, literally. We put our lives on hold more than ever to try to help as many kittens and cats as possible.

Now we’re taking a breath.

We’re still doing adoptions and taking in the most difficult cases that have no other place to go, but we’ve slowed down on our intake cats that other rescues and fosters (amazing FOSTERS!) can take care of so we can recoup and regain our sanity and energy.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to us, adopted wonderful kittens and cats from us, and given us the motivation to get through these pandemic times.

Special thanks to our amazing Karen, who helps us keep the house reasonable, helps take all the kitties, and also made so many forever home adoptions happen for these little ones. An amazing rescuer and Foster in her own right. We couldn’t have survived these times and helped so many without her.

Here’s Puddin’ and Hercules, showing you how happy rescued kittens are to be off the streets and someplace safe, and waiting for their own loving families and forever homes.

Puddin’ was the only survivor from his litter, and Hercules was crushed under a steel gate. BOTH are doing great now, no worries, and happy and purring little bundles of fuzz.

Everyone stay safe,

Gregg & Cynthia

Puddin’ and Hercules happy and safe

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