Bean is a What?!


In Cynthia's very meager down-time from taking care of kittens (cleaning their eyes, giving the sick little one meds, deworming, vaccinating, etc. etc.) she likes to look up cat breeds on the Internet.

We are NOT breeders, almost all of our cats (with the exception of owner surrendered saves) are orphans, or abandoned, so we can only guess at the breeds that a specific kitty possibly could be.

Bean, who we rescued hours old from a hoarder's house, was no exception to the "what is this kitten?" game we play.

Bean has always been (pun intended) a strange looking little guy, and now he's growing up, and... he's still a strange looking kitty 😉

(He's watching me type this by the way, Bean it's true, but we still love you) He's one of Acton Up Kitten Rescue's resident cats and is on our logo as our mascot as well.

A few days ago Cynthia called me over to look at her phone "Wait, wait, this looks like BEAN!!!" and we both stared at the images...

Big weird green eyes, big ears, strange body, shorter front legs than back, gray medium coat with silver tips... IT WAS THE SPITTING IMAGE OF BEAN!

He's channeling the breed KORAT, here's a link to some pictures

So we're now calling him a very special (weird looking) Thai Royalty derived BEAN.  We think he's happy about it, he's always been special to us, and of course he's probably something else, BUT doesn't he look like one?


We're of course all about the kitty and not what breed they may or may not be.  Bean never disappoints and greets all our kitten cuddlers and potential adoptive families that visit Acton Up Kitten Rescue, so he's royal breed to us anyway 😉


And here's blast from the past of little bean, who knew he'd be so special!


And a picture of Bean in all his weird glory...

20190902_134001 (1)

Next up, the mystery of KITSUNE!

A little fluff ball, lilac, white tipped black lined ears, she looks more like a fox than a kitten?!
A little fluff ball, lilac, white tipped black lined ears, she looks more like a fox than a kitten?!

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