Being a kitten mama is hard work


Usually we get neonatal babies and have to do tons of care and stabilization, bottle feeding (every 2 hrs) and constant vigilance to make sure they're not fading and will be okay.

This time we got three babies and their momma, saved from under a truck out Victorville way.

She was tired, thin, but super friendly after they told the rescuer (Thanks Tiffiny!) that she was feral.  We all realized that was totally not true, probably abandoned by her owners, sweet and loves being petted.

She's been taking care of her babies ever since we got her, they were only just born when all of them came to us.

Then against all odds, another one of her babies three days later was found still alive, and Cynthia drove right out to get the little one, and when reunited with the Momma, she immediately started washing him and feeding him.

She's working so hard to keep all her babies safe and fed and cleaned and everything we usually do with tiny bottle babies, we're so proud of her, because we know how much work it really is.

UPDATE UPDATE!!! 8/21/2019

Our wonderful momma kitty did an amazing beautiful thing last  night.  A caring rescuer had seven (SEVEN) few day old baby kittens with no mother she was looking for someone to take in and care for.

We told her about our little momma and her kitties, and we all decided that we'd try to see if she would take care of these extra little ones also.

Carefully Cynthia put one next to momma, and then another and she smelled them and then ... started washing them, and encouraging them to start feeding. Then before you know it she had all of the extra kitties (eleven total) under her protection, curled around them all, washing them and nudging them in the right direction.

That was yesterday, and she's been taking care of her adopted kitties and her own since.

Cynthia is helping her with extra bottle feedings of the little ones (since there are so many now) but our kitty momma is doing most of the work; cleaning, and caring for them.  She's AMAZING!!!

The kitten rescuer was there for the whole thing along with Cynthia (I was busy adopting out a little calico kitty to her forever home in the main room, peeking in as I could on them).  So generous, she brought cat food and a bunch of kitten replacement milk premixed just in case things didn't go right.  She drove all the way from Apple Valley way to make sure the kittens she had saved would be alright with us after a long day at work.  She's amazing also, and restores your faith in people, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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