Big dogs and little kitty training

So we have dogs at the Acton Up Kitten Rescue. Big dogs and little dogs. They’re our pets (all but one is a rescue too.).

We like to get all our rescue kitties used to dogs being around so they have a better chance of finding forever homes.

One big dog who we call GB (for good boy or goof ball depending on how he is acting) came to us from a Lancaster location where we were rescuing kitties as an abandoned puppy that had been thrown outside by his despicable previous owners to starve. He was eating cat food from the neighbor’s house to survive.

As far as we can tell he’s a golden retriever Dutch Shepard mix (playing the what breed is that with the help of our dog rescue friends). And now he’s a horse, 100lbs+ HUGE!

The kittens treat him as a celebrity and follow him around as he galumphs through the house during the day. Here he is with one adoring fan in my office 😉

Note GB’s golden retriever tongue position

He loves kittens and cats almost too much, trying to play with the little ones like they were puppies. We keep an eye on them all to make sure they don’t get too rambunctious, but they all seem happier for knowing each other.

Daffy the kitty with GB

It seems all rescues just appreciate the chance at a happy safe life, and it shows at how friendly and welcoming they are with each other.

So if you or yours ever adopt a kitty from us, you may find them looking around their new forever home for a big goofy dog at first 😉

GB in goof ball mode

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