An important part of Kitten rescuing is after they're safe, well-fed, healthy and happy is to get them used to being held by as many people as possible.

This means that they learn that people in general are kitten friendly (instead of just us) and are happy and friendly when potential adoptive families and folks come to visit them and hopefully pick them for their own.

Towards that, we need Kitten Cuddlers!

If you have time, and you don't mind holding slightly timid or scared kittens to teach them how nice it is to be pet and talked to by people that like cats, drop us a line.

You can check our Acton Up Kitten News to get the latest on how many kittens we currently have for cuddling and we'll coordinate with you on times to come on over and cuddle with the kittens.

It helps them so much, and really is an amazing thing to do for the little ones.

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Contact us for Kitten cuddling