Everyone stay Safe out there: California Fires & the importance of having an people/kitten Evac plan


Acton Up Kitten Rescue is about 12 miles from the current Tick Canyon fire perimeter.  Luck and safety to all those closer to it and impacted by the evacuations.

In my day job, I plan for contingencies and risks (bad things that can happen), and being generally a bit paranoid as far as hoping for the best but planning for the worst, I’ve moved the Acton Up Kitten Rescue van to point down driveway, cleaned it out so that it can quickly load in up to 8 triple high kitty condos (up the ramp, they’re all on wheels thank goodness). And pre-staged water, kitty food, pine pellet litter and the like to load in after the kitties.  Kitten meds, milk replacement and all prepped in a roller cart and ready to be bagged and carried.

The semi-ferals are the trickiest, so we have a plan to start trapping/crating those guys when a fire or other event gets more probable to impact us.

And of course, Cynthia and I have plans for our 5 dogs (riding shotgun in her car and with me in the Acton Up Kitten Rescue van), food and ourselves.

We’re lucky in that it looks like the fire is not coming our way, the winds are calm at the moment (crazy last night), but we’re just thinking about all the rescues that are dealing more directly with the fires impact right now, everyone is talking (thanks to those who reached out to us) and in communication, so whoever needs help, I know the rescue posse will move to action.

It’s important to plan plan plan before something surprises you and you have no time to do anything but react.  Food, how to move animals and get them and yourselves out of harms way.  Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Everyone be safe out there.

Gregg and Cynthia, Acton Up Kitten Rescue

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