Garfunkle is a Polydactyl?!

So it turns out that this little semi-feral (he's still hissing even when you pet him and he's liking it, but give him time, he's coming around) that came in with a black and white kitten we call Simon (Simon and Garfunkel, yeah we're running out of temporary names for kittens yikes) is a Polydactyl.

Check out his cute extra toes!  And guess what?

He can unzip the cat crate he and his brother (and others) are in from the inside using his extra "thumbs".  We're twist tying the zips together now so he can't escape to go play with toy mice like he did tonight lol

Once he's calm and people friendly (kitten cuddlers we need you!) he'll be ready to adopt.

This little guy is a polydactyl to our surprise

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