Long days into night: litter and litters

This week we’ve gotten litters of kittens every day. Kitten season is in full swing so there are still many that need rescuing.

Three litters of 2, 4, and 5 kittens just today for 11 new needy kitties, all bottle babies, some sick, some better off.

Cynthia is in a feeding frenzy, keeping all of them fed and healthy, I’m doing my best to keep her fed and healthy as well.

Sleep is only in couple hour increments for all of us, kittens and Cynthia and me. So even cold coffee helps (I’m cooling down on the porch after doing 27 litter boxes, and then feeding all the non-bottle babies while Cynthia takes care of all of the nursery kitties and mommas.)

Last cold vestiges of the pot of coffee I made this morning before jumping in my first day job video meeting of the day

We usually name all the little ones with first names, but we’re getting so many, we’re going to start using last names for litters so we can reuse cute first names.

Cynthia will be working to get pictures up if all these cute little fuzzles when she has a breath to take. We’re hoping to get them all adopted quick to forever home after they are fixed, vaccinated, dewormed and all the things we do to make sure they’re heathy and happy for their new families.

Pictures of kittens to come shortly, promise 😉

And a loud shout out to the amazing fosters who have also taken little ones to help us keep them fed and happy, and give Cynthia some chance to catch a nap and eat in between mixing formula and tending to these demanding little fluff balls.

And here’s a picture of the amazing bean to end this post.

Bean helping me by blocking me from using my keyboard to respond to emails during a technical demo video meeting
so I can focus on the presentation. Or is he just sleeping?

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