Memorial day quiet moment of coffee and reflection

Forgot to unset my work alarm, that was a mistake. Cynthia’s alarm went off 30min later (that’s the get up and take care of kitties alarm separate from the little kittens meowing at us and running across our pillows alarm which is always on apparently.)

Yesterday day was good and hard and tiring.  Helping out fosters, treating sick kittens, doing an adoption visit.

And interrupt… Cynthia just texted me (I was taking the big goofy dog out for his back acre runaround) the spay clinic has an opening for 7 kitties, so rush rush, carrier’s and getting Cynthia and the kitties in the car and she’s off… So much for a calm morning.

The back acre view

And she gave me a previously fading kitten she just pulled back, to hold while she’s gone, tiny sips from a bottle to keep him hydrated.

Baby bottle and covid mask prepared

I was going to write about how it’s nice to have a few moments in the beginning of the day of contemplation and calm. That’s shot now lol, so to end things here a picture of some happy kitties being fed this morning (all the work is worth it to save these little ones )

And here’s a picture of little Gracie, a sweetie with a big personality.

She’s asking me why I’m rushing off, I’m always feeling guilty when I have to do kitten chores and not just cuddling these little ones

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