Rainy Day Schedule at Acton Up Kitten Rescue


It's raining today, and it looks like for the next four days in beautiful Acton.  The kitties are a bit upset.  I usually get up, let the dogs out into the back acre to get their ya-ya's out, and then let all the free range kitties out of their triple-high condos (they are all crate trained and run inside to get fed and go to bed at night).

Then most importantly to them, I open up the pet doors to the middle catzone (nestled between the front and back halves of Acton Up Kitten Rescue proper).

Today though ;-( it's raining and the kitties are still demanding to go out, not really knowing what rain is like.

So it's a rainy day schedule today, so I have a bunch more to do for these little guys.

  • Find all the toys balls play things hiding couches, chairs, and other furniture and throw them out for the kittens (mad rush after them there)
  • Turn on the big screen TV and start a Youtube for cats bird video
  • Top off the kibble in all the food trays not in the triple-highs
  • Make sure everyone is okay and hide in the office to work (taking a couple of the littlest kittens with me to play without their big cousins to worry about rough and tumble)
Youtube is a lifesaver at times
Youtube is a lifesaver at times

Everyone seems happy, and the little ones are cuddling with their uncle Bean in the office, so all is good 😉

Uncle Bean 'Watching' over the little ones
Uncle Bean 'Watching' over the little ones

Okay, maybe Bean is actually sleeping, but the kittens seem to like being next to him anyway.

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