Sleeplessness In Acton

Cynthia and I have realized that for Southern California, kitten season is a myth.  Word of mouth has us receiving so many requests to take bottle babies (<1wk old little kittens) that we're sleep deprived and a little bit loopy at the moment (so pardon the lack of postings)

Kitten season is typically spring, but we're seeing abandoned or orphaned kittens still all the way in September, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Between catch and recovering fading kittens with glucose, sub-cutaneous fluids, and tube feedings when they are so weak they can't even drink from a bottle, to helping our rescued momma kitties supplement their feeding of their little ones (the mommas are recovering from exposure and starvation at the same time) we're stretched a bit thin.  We finish all our kitten duties typically after midnight each day, with continued work through-out the night for the littlest at risk kittens.

We're not stopping, no worries there, but if you happen to text, email or speak to us, realize we're a bit ditzy from lack of sleep and rest lol.

Seeing these little ones (the ones that we can save) recover and thrive is the best antidote also.  We have a full contingent of healthy kittens tearing up the place (once they're socialized and given "free range" status) that are just craving attention.

Cynthia will be scheduling some kitten cuddling times soon for them, and of course the little bottle babies also need to be held.

To all those who have been donating their time and efforts and sometimes food and more, many thanks, it saves us a trip to the store to restock, and gives us more time to take care of these little ones.  And also special thanks to our trusted fosters (Olivia, Nicole and more) who take some of the little ones and help us get them healthy and ready to find their forever homes.

And of course, catching a cat nap around Acton Up Kitten Rescue literally means taking a nap with kittens, so life is still good 😉


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