Taking a moment and letting the middles get their yaw yaws out

Okay, rough few days, weeks, so many littles, some sick, 1 week to a few weeks old, Cynthia, the kitten mammas we rescued, and our amazing fosters (Tammy, Karen, Desire,  & Rachel, rescuers extraordinares all) are doing the best they can to help.

Cynthia is trying to get some sleep after a long bottle feeding night, I’m under the weather, but the upside…

I get to sit in the library for a moment and let the “middle littles” (8 weeks old and up) out to play. It’s kinda like releasing the kraken though, they are little chaos engines that purr at this point.

They’ve been cooped up for a day while we dealt with new sick babies, now they are out and running around happy as can be.

My Acton up kitten rescue work boots are off (temporarily), my coffee just got knocked off the table and rolled under the sofa by the kittens, but thanks to Yeti tough design it only spilled a little (yay!) So everything is fine.

They are zooming around like little crazy cats lol I better drink my coffee fast 😉

Stay safe out there everyone, I’m going to finish my coffee before putting these boots back on 😉

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