The mighty Bean update


Bean came to us a little undernourished 1 day year old kitten, so small we called him bean.  He's thriving now and owns the place (or that's what he thinks).

Here he is in his favorite soft cushion, leaning on my legs while I catch a desperately needed cat nap (kitten rescue is hard work lol).

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is playing on the TV as we both snooze.


Alsan the lion comes on screen and Bean takes an interest 😉


Being able to give kittens like this little guy a chance at life and some happiness is what drives both Cynthia and me to keep doing what we can.  Bean and I both think Aslan is cool anyway lol


But I think Bean beats Aslan at cuddling skills, and if you ever see the Acton Up Kitten Rescue white van in the area, YES, that is bean as our mascot/logo on the back.


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