They’re movin on up to a deluxe apartment

Kittens in one of our 3Tier cushioned cage/crate Safe and sound

When kittens come to us, and after we've stabilized them, AND they graduated to using the litter box and eating solid kitty food, we graduate them to our triple high cat enclosures.

With platforms, water, food and plenty of space with soft plush cushions to rest and sleep on, you can almost see their relief after running scared for their lives existing on the streets and in the wild.

They get all the food they want, and lots of petting by kitten cuddlers to socialize them and help with adoption out to their forever homes. (Yay Kitten Cuddlers!!!)

We have quarantine triple highs, socialization need triple highs, and 'free range' triple highs for those kitties that are socialized enough to not run away from people and instead go to them for pets and attention.  Those kitties get free run of our main kitten area to play with toys and stretch their legs during the day before dinner time and to bed in their triple high home.

We like to give all our kitties the "movin on up" improvement in their lives.

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