Turbo the fearless (almost) little Kitten

Here's one of our little just weaned bottle babies, showing off how big and brave he is.  We call him Turbo because he bounces around playing all the time (very fast!)


He's sweet, cuddles between playing and purrs up a storm when held and given scritches and pets.

There's something about those eyes though, a bit intense even in all the cuteness lol.

It's hard and sleepless work (Cynthia is taking care of 40+ babies right now) and thank goodness we have amazing fosters who are taking care of other bottle babies and young kittens that otherwise Cynthia would be taking care of.

Watching little ones like Turbo, so happy and energetic playing his little fluffy heart out makes it all worth while.  The alternative (outside, starving, at risk from being sick or feral animals getting them) is not acceptable to Cynthia or me.

Yay for brave little Turbo!  And Yay to all our fosters! (thank you so much!!!)

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