What’s that kinda kitten Fail

Our “what kind of kitten is that” game suddenly failed a few weeks ago when Cynthia offered to help another rescue by bottle feeding these little(?) ones until they were weaned.

Vanderpump Dogs (https://www.vanderpumpdogs.org/ ) was looking for an experienced bottle feeder and Cynthia said sure! She’s so busy I’m not sure how she takes on more.

These seven puppies (seen here today in their favorite position over the heating pad, on their cushion in a puppy pile) just under a week old were dumped but the side of the road in Hemet. Vanderpump Dogs rescued them, drove them down to West Hollywood, then eventually out to the valley to meet Cynthia halfway so she could bring them to Acton.

They definitely started out as potatoes, eyes not open yet, not mobile but VERY hungry and such messy eaters!

Now everyone playing the “what kind of puppy is that” game thinks they may be some sort of labradoodle? I know this much, they are going to be good sized dogs lol (huge paws!).

Three weeks plus later and today they play with the kittens, eat solid (well soupy) real puppy food, and yelp, yip and bark tiny little barks whenever they hear Cynthia’s voice.

It would have been too much with all of the kitten care Cynthia does except for two amazing fosters, Jennifer and her mom Debbie, that switched off with Cynthia taking care of the little spuds. Thanks so much Jennifer, Debbie!!! You are life savers.

So we’re getting pretty good at our game of “what cat breed are they” for kittens but not when it comes to puppies. Thank goodness we know a bunch of wonderful dog rescue folks to help us out with it (labradoodle because of their curly coats? I’m not sure, but we’ll find out soon!)

The pups are just about ready to go back to the Vanderpump folks and then to another of their fosters. I’ll miss them, but OH MY GOODNESS, compared to kittens they are so SO messy those pups, but cute, so it’s all good 😉

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