Win Win For Kittens & Cats

So at rescue we have lots of kittens. Those kittens need of attention and teaching and cleaning…

In addition to our volunteers coming over and cuddling which is awesome.

We have what we call our retiree cats. They play the role of Foster parents and big brothers.

When new kittens come in and they graduated to free range ( that means the get to run around the house because they dont fear humans) our older then are put to work ..

They play with them clean them lounge in the sun together and serve as role models.

Having interaction with so many different cats is great for them when they go to a new home and meet their new best friends whether it be dog or cat…

Wait did I say dog too….Yes I did ….

In addition to our retiree cats we have 2 little dogs that run around with the kittens…

Getting them get socialized with other cats and dogs what a great start…

This is Diamond she is a 12 year old Maine Coone Mix. She is our official house Mom..

She does the kitten washing and comforting …. and just like mom she will swat them to calm them down too….

All the kittens love their time with Diamond.

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